Tyranny of Dragons

Varis finds a new cause. A band greenhorn Hero's...
Did I tell you I hate dragons of any kind...

I recently come from the “ Stronghold of the Nine”. I met up with Scout who had came back a fortnight ago. He told me to speak with the Cleric in Greenest. Leosin is the name I believe. I made my way to Greeniest. I had just sat down to a tall cold pint when there was awful commotion out side the pub. People were screaming and running for cover because there was a rather large blue dragon causing havoc and terror. A soldier ran by me and said Gov. Nighthill put out a request for any extra hand to fight and dispatch this nasty beast. So I ran with the soldier to the keep. As we entered the keep the entire place shook and large boom came from above where the sounds of battle rang out. “To the parapet” I shouted to the soldier. We ran as fast as we could. Screams again came from above with another large boom like side of the castle had come off. By the time I reach the parapet the vile beast was retreating do to a well placed arrow to his gut. (not a bad shot if I do say so my self) Before me stood a half breed who had made the shot due to the bow still in his hand. With him was two humans and two Dwarfs. I spoke up and said “I am here to help with the…dragon.” Seeing clearly the dragon had been taken care of. I meet this group of adventures who travel with the half breed. Lymric he calls himself and his human brother Malevoiy Kaine. The other human Terra, was possible a druid.(A shady Character, need to keep an eye on that one.) Then the two dwarfs Barragneis, a cleric, and Gustavus. He was dressed in warrior garb. The next day a cry came out from the Governor again. The city had been over run by Kobolds and humans. I had to see for my self, and yes for sure a large army sat on the tree line and they appear to have towns folk hostage. A blue Dragonborn emerged from the tree line and offered up a challenge. He told the Gov.Nighthill to send his best warrior to fight him one on one to the death and he would let the town folk go if his champion won. After five or ten minutes of deliberation and several noble attempts by the half breed to go fight, The group sent Gustavus . I did not want to offer to go but offered an arrow or two if it got out of hand. (Not knowing their true purpose) He entered the battlefield tripping almost falling flat on his face. I’m not sure who taught him how to throw an axe but …wow that was bad. (I thought an axe was an Dwarfs best friend, guess not his.) The Dragonborn followed with a breath attack to the face. (Did I tell you I hate dragons) Gustavus miss again and then was knocked to the ground by the Dragonbon’s great sword. I thought he was dead. Barrgneis rushed to his side, providing healing and a blessing. The Dragonborn let out an ominous laughter, then let go towns folk and he and his army headed south.
Gov. Nighthill put out a bounty on the Dragonborn’s head as well as anyone in his army. The army had looted the town of all its riches. Only merger daily things were left. There were a few weapons hidden way in the keep’s armory. I got my self a might fine compound bow, I will use it with pride and honor to avenge Greenest. Still no word nor sight of this cleric Leosin. A young monk came to the party and informed us of Leosin and his possible where bouts. He had tracked this dragon army south. The monk feared he may have been captured or worse dead. We rested and moved to scot the next morning at sun up. I lead the tracking party, I picked up there tracks rather fast. The party was myself, Lymric the half breed, and Terra. As we scotted the tracks became a bit muddled. After a second look the tracks became clear as they lead to a cave between two plateaus. There was a small unit of kobolds and some cultist. There was some distrust between the two groups they argued as we watched from the tree line. After returning with the news we formed a plan. I would flank the left and the half breed would take the right. The other four would create a goose neck at the base of the two plateaus. I shot a cultist as the half breed shot across to were the Kobolds were by a fire. They responded with there slings. I took a minor wound, and continued firing at them killing several. The half breed helped to kill the group Kobolds with some decent marksmanship. And the rest of the group finished off all but on of the Cultist. (I still have not found information about my brother Rolen Nai’lo? ) The two Dwarfs manage to get information about the main camp from the ugly little creature, I said kill him but no matter. The let him live and go back in to nature how he came in naked. Its getting dark I think we will rest here and leave a day break. This might just be my new cause, They could use a little order in there ranks. I really hope that Dragonborn did not have something to do with my brothers disappearance. I hate dragons…

Did I tell you blue is my color?
Why Lymric should have new boots already

The rest I spoke of in my last writings did not last long. The blue dragon circling the keep decided that yesterday would be the day that he launched another attack. What the giant, flying lizard did not know was that I hate to be disturbed while resting. When Nighthill, the commander of the Keep in Greenest, called the group to defend the keep, let us just say that I was quite perturbed. Once we got to the top of the keep, the dragon was circling and looking menacingly like most dragons do; causing many of the defenders, including Nighthill, to cower in fear. Yet, surprisingly, a few rose to defend themselves and shot arrows and threw javelins at the beast. The group joined in by taking strategic positions (you will notice dear reader that our group thinks well before acting….well, at least in this instance) and joined the attack. While the others in the group decided what to do, Malevoiy, my brother, quickly launched magic at the vile beast. I, still quite pissed, calmed my nerves like any veteran warrior and let loose an arrow that stuck true. The beast, now feeling fear himself of the Kaine brothers, decided to leave and fight another day. Wise choice considering the inferior intelligence of the creature. With victory in hand, we returned to our rest.
Our rest was interrupted again by the approach of a large group of enemy led by a blue dragonborn. The dragonborn issued a challenge to Nighthill: to send forth a hero to face him in honorable combat or he would slay the villagers that he had taken hostage. Since surely Nighthill or the Dwarf guardian would not step forward, it fell to us heroes. I quickly volunteered since I was the best chance we had to defeat the dragonborn. Well, maybe my brother, but he is still new to this adventuring life. While I, on the other hand, had lived many days on the streets of Waterdeep with only my wits and courage. For a party that had shown such a great sense of strategy for combat, the group, after excessive deliberations, decided to send Gustavus, our dwarven soldier, to face the dragonborn. Boy, was that a mistake. Do not get me wrong, Gustavus is a brave dwarf with some skill, but he is still a warrior in progress. When Gustavus took the field, he quickly tripped and missed wildly with his axe, took a lightning bolt to the face, promptly missed again, and then was stuck down to the ground with a massive blow from the dragonborn. I had to cry in order not to laugh. Barragneis, our cleric, rushed to his side and healed the young dwarf so that he would not die. The dragonborn, after freeing the villagers, left with his large army. I hope that I will see him again in the near future, for I will kill him and make some nice new boots from his skin. Blue is my color.
After the dragonborn and his army left, a young man appeared and asked us to help look for his mentor, Leosin. Leosin was the monk that saved my brother’s life, and at the mention of his name, I knew what we had to do even if it meant leaving the group that we had become quite acquainted with over the last few days. Fortunately, the young man told us that Leosin had predicted the rise of this new draconian enemy and set out on his own to find out more about them. The young man feared that Leosin was either captured or killed by this dragon-led army. Before the young mans arrival, Nighthill had just finished commissioning us to go after the dragonborn and his vile army, therefore my brother and I could stay with the group and work both missions.
I forgot to mention that we were joined by an elven ranger fresh from one of the local armies. Varis is his name. Do not know much about him other than he seems skilled in the bow and has more elven blood in his veins than me.
After resupplying, we left the next day to track the army. Since the army was large and carrying loot from their raid on Greenest, they were not hard to track. We came upon a small campsite in a cave between two plateaus. The young ranger, my brother, the druid, Terra, and I approached the camp in silence and shadows. The ranger and I let loose arrows (mine striking true again) surprising the enemy. The dwarves joined us and the battle ensued. With very limited wounds on our side because of the superior display of markmanship on my part and a handy display of magic from the druid, we quickly dispatched the acolytes and their kobold companions. Why the party decided not to let me kill that arrogant, walking pair of blue boots, dragonborn is still a mystery that is hard to wrap around one’s head….even a handsome and intelligent head like mine. Gustavus did manage to subdue one of the acolytes and gather some knowledge from him. Instead of removing the acolytes head like the first one we captured, they decided to strip him naked and send him on his way. Frankly, I could care either way.
Now we sit in this cave to rest before setting out again. I hope that we will find Leosin and this huge army in the next few days. I could really use some new boots. Did I tell you blue is my color?

The adventure continues
...despite me almost dying!

Finally, a time to set and rest to write down a few words about our adventures here in Greenest. It was a day to remember, that is for certain. For today, like many days in my life, I almost died. Thanks to the heroic deeds of my fellow adventures, I continue to live and am here to continue the tale.
After the brief encounter with the patrol, the party finally made it to the church to find it besieged by acolytes and kobolds. We decided to set an ambush and remove the enemy before rescuing those in the church. Since we were outnumbered, we came up with the cunning plan of a few of us hiding behind the church fence walls, while the dwarves took up a strategic positon near the church. All went as planned except that I exposed myself to the enemy too long and ended up taking wounds that almost proved fatal. While I was unconscious, the group was able to subdue the enemy and to bring me back to the land of the living. We freed the occupants of the church and safely led them back to the keep.
Once we returned, we were asked to head to the mill for the enemy had decided to try to burn it to the ground. We left immediately. We were able to make it in time to defeat the enemy and to save the mill.
Now, we are back at the keep to get rest for our next mission. I hope that the rest of the group will pull their weight and I will not have to die again in order to motive them to live up to their potential.

The adventure begins
by Lymric

The group joined a caravan heading to Greenest. Upon approach to Greenest, the caravan saw what looked to be a dragon circling the keep in the middle of the town. The group, with two caravan guards, approached the town while the caravan stayed at a distance. While traveling the main road towards the keep, the group encountered a family being chased through the woods by kobolds. The group, led by the extraordinary display of archery by Lymric, dispatched all of the kobolds in due haste. The family was sent back with the two guards for their safety.

After the daring rescue, the group continued towards the keep. Closer to the keep, the group ran into a group of cultist. Again, thanks to the superior archery of Lymric, the cultists were no match for the group and were dispatched easily.

In the keep, the group met the shield dwarf, Castellan Escobart the Red, who was in charge of defenses for the keep. Castellan took the party to meet Governor Nighthill, who enlisted the group to help rescue those outside the walls, with the first stop being the church. Before the group agrees to the plan, Lymric, always diligent when it comes to the safety and well-being of others, emphatically tells Nighthill that he must send a group to lead the caravan and the family to the safety of the keep.

The group used a secret passage from the keep to get into the surrounding countryside unseen. The passage ended at the river that flows through the town and was blocked by locked iron grates until Lymric, showing his dexterous ability to unlock the locks that bind, picked the lock and set the group free to continue their adventures.

Once outside, the group surprised an enemy patrol. In order to uplift the martial confidence of the party, Lymric purposely shot some errant arrows at the beginning of the combat, but once eveyone got their chance, finished off the last combatant with his usual archery prowess. The dwarf soldier in the group,Barragneis Stonebeard, was able to knock the acolyte leader out cold into the river while the party dispatched the horde of kobold underlings. The acolyte was revived and persuaded to tell the party about some of the plans of the Cult of the Dragon. Once all information was gained, the acolyte tripped and decapitated himself upon one of the party’s swords. An unfortunate event to say the least. The group, led by the gregarious, handsome, and brave bard known as Lymric, is now planning their next move.


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