Tyranny of Dragons

The adventure continues

...despite me almost dying!

Finally, a time to set and rest to write down a few words about our adventures here in Greenest. It was a day to remember, that is for certain. For today, like many days in my life, I almost died. Thanks to the heroic deeds of my fellow adventures, I continue to live and am here to continue the tale.
After the brief encounter with the patrol, the party finally made it to the church to find it besieged by acolytes and kobolds. We decided to set an ambush and remove the enemy before rescuing those in the church. Since we were outnumbered, we came up with the cunning plan of a few of us hiding behind the church fence walls, while the dwarves took up a strategic positon near the church. All went as planned except that I exposed myself to the enemy too long and ended up taking wounds that almost proved fatal. While I was unconscious, the group was able to subdue the enemy and to bring me back to the land of the living. We freed the occupants of the church and safely led them back to the keep.
Once we returned, we were asked to head to the mill for the enemy had decided to try to burn it to the ground. We left immediately. We were able to make it in time to defeat the enemy and to save the mill.
Now, we are back at the keep to get rest for our next mission. I hope that the rest of the group will pull their weight and I will not have to die again in order to motive them to live up to their potential.



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